Financial risks can be covered by various types of insurance products. Cash flow protection and  planning, opportunity to increased sales volumes, competitiveness and safer  entry into new markets are just a few of the benefits of financial risk insurance.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

  • Insurance of receivables from realized transactions on the domestic market;
  • Insurance of receivables from realized export transaction.


The insurance provides coverage of receivables under sales contracts for goods and services under the provision of deferred payment terms.

Covered risks:

  • delay in payments;
  • insolvency of the debtor (bankruptcy and liquidation).

Investment Insurance

Insurance of Bulgarian investments made in a foreign country in the form of capital, property,  intangible rights or services.

Covered risks:

  • impossibility to convert the local currency into recognized foreign currency;
  • impossibility to transfer payments to Bulgaria;
  • expropriation, nationalization or confiscation;
  • political risks – war, revolution, riot, terrorism, sabotage, etc.

Bond Insurance

Subject of insurance cover:

  • Bid Bond;
  • Advance payment bond;
  • Performance bond;
  • Maintenance bond.

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