Fire and Allied risks

Subject of insurance:

  • real property – buildings, hotels, restaurants, industrial and administrative buildings, workshops;
  • movable property – furniture, machinery, equipment; electronic equipment.

Insured risks:

  • fire, incl. the consequences of extinguishing the fire;
  • lightning;
  • explosion;
  • aircraft, parts thereof or its cargo;
  • natural perils: storm, hail, torrential rain, flood, natural accumulation of snow and ice, frost, falling trees, branches and other objects due to storm or hail;
  • earthquake;
  • pipeline and sewerage breakdowns;
  • sprinkler leakage;
  • malicious acts;
  • impact from a vehicle or animal;
  • debris removal; costs for relocation, protection and storage of insured property for a period from the date of the insured event until the elimination of its consequences;
  • glass breakage;
  • short circuit, electric damages;
  • burglary.

ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Insurance will cover the substantial risks from damages due to ‘short circuit’ and will ensure the necessary peace of mind for your business. Specialized insurance products provide an option to cover the cost for database recovery.

‘ALL RISKS’ Insurance

For large industrial and administrative complexes, we recommend insurance cover to be concluded on ‘all risks’ basis, i.e. cover for losses incurred as a result of any accidental and unforeseen event except for the specified exclusions.

Machinery Breakdown

Subject of insurance are machines and equipment in operation.

Insurance risks covered:

  • electric stroke, short circuit, overvoltage and other changes in the power supply network;
  • defects of castings and material, poor workmanship of details;
  • rupture due to centrifugal forces and / or fatigue of the material;
  • shortage of water in steam boilers and water heaters;
  • implosion or other effects due to vacuum;
  • failure or malfunction of air transmission, cooling or heating installations as well as measuring, regulating and safety equipment;
  • external mechanical impacts;
  • installation errors;
  • lack of skills of servicing personnel on the part of the service staff, negligence.

Business Interruption

Business interruption is an insurance cover that extends the scope of insurance protection to the coverage under Industrial Fire and Machinery Breakdown policies. In a complex production cycle, the losses due to Business Interruption  are often more substantial than the value of property damage.

Subject of insurance:

Loss of gross profit resulting from a decrease in sales revenue in the event of a business interruption due to an insurance event covered by the Industrial Fire or Machinery Breakdown policy.

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