Voluntary health insurance

Voluntary health insurance (medical insurance) provides cover for the costs of health goods and services arising from illness or accident, including health prevention check-ups, pregnancy and childbirth of the insured person, operations, temporary loss of income due to illness or accident, as well as a combination of the stated health packages.

The Health insurance contract may specify the maximum amount of the insurer’s liability in the form of an insurance sum for individual health goods and services or the health services within a certain period.

Health insurance provides health care for you, your family or your employees. It provides easier access to well-proved medical facilities and highly qualified medical professionals throughout the country. The insurance guarantees complex and quality medical care, fast and adequate solution of health problems.

Advantages that Health Insurance provides to you as an Employer:

  • fast recover of the working capacity of the employees;
  • sick-leave and absenteeism reduction;
  • reduced risk of chronic diseases;
  • reduction of the taxable annual income with the paid installment.

The contributions for additional health insurance, borne by the employer in the amount of up to BGN 60 per month per employee, according to Art. Art. 208, in connection with Art. 204, vol. 2, p. ‘A’ of the Corporate Income Tax Act are defined as an expense of the company, not subject to taxation.

Voluntary health insurance is a desirable social benefit for employees.

Health Insurance product is structured into several packages:

Preventive Health package – includes comprehensive preventive examinations and laboratory tests in order to timely diagnose and treat a health problem;

Outpatient medical care – includes all examinations and tests that conducted in ambulatory conditions (non-hospital stay);

In-patient medical care – covers expenses within in-hospital stay, including operations, treatment, laparoscopic and endoscopic operation, tests, nursing, etc.;

Supplementary services – accommodation in an individual hospital room, nursing;

Reimbursement of medicines and medical goods – covered are expenses for prescribed medicines, medical supplies (bandages, crutches, wheelchairs) up to the limit specified in your contract.

Dental care – includes examination, therapeutic and surgical activities.

Travel Insurance

Medical insurance when traveling abroad provides security and protection in the event of an accident or sudden illness, covering the costs necessary to obtain timely specialized medical care during a stay abroad. The insurance is concluded for citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria valid for the whole world or certain regions. You can take out medical insurance for a period of 1 to 365 days.


  • Medical expenses – covers the costs in case of an accident or acute illness, outpatient treatment, the costs of emergency dentistry and hospitalization;
  • Medical repatriation – covers the costs for transportation of the insured person to the Republic of Bulgaria for continuation of the treatment on the territory of Bulgaria. Depending on the medical condition of the insured, the repatriation is carried out with a regular or medical flight, with or without an accompanying medical team.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains – covers the costs of transportation of the mortal remains of the insured person to the territory of Bulgaria.
  • Accident – indemnity for death or permanent disability due to accident abroad.
  • Legal protection;
  • Loss of personal luggage or documents;
  • Daily allowance for hospital stay and others.

Medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria

The medical insurance ‘Foreigners in Bulgaria’ is a compulsory cover according to the Ordinance for concluding obligatory medical insurance of foreigners in Bulgaria and is concluded by foreign citizens who reside for a short or long period on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or pass in transit through the country.

This insurance covers the costs incurred for medical treatment and hospital stay of foreigners, emergency medical care, costs incurred for outpatient and inpatient medical care, as well as costs for dental care.

The minimum insurance limit under the compulsory medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria is set at BGN 60,000, and the insurance is concluded for a period of not less than 90 days and not more than 1 year, depending on the period of residence.


  • Medical expenses due to an accident or acute illness – includes the costs of hospital, surgical or pharmaceutical services, as well as emergency medical care;
  • Emergency dental treatment;
  • Death by accident.

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